This Is How They Do It: Advancis Casino Solutions


European IT industry finds itself on the crest of a wave, demonstrating considerable advances especially in the field of gaming. Partially, a surge in numbers is explained by an increasing number of social media gamers and online gambling fans. Nederlandsegokken casino online gambling, a reputed organization running a comprehensive online database of gambling stats and reviews, has recently started gathering data on game developers. Today, the scope of focus is aimed at the process of coding practiced by Advancis, a savvy firm gaining momentum.

The approach

Inconspicuous surveillance is critical: the centralized control of all the installed systems in Advancis software is implemented via the System Manager. An ideal video integration also represents great importance, for example, the personal data of the input coffers are connected to the associated video images. The simultaneous repetition of recorded video sequences with embedded protocol data is essential for the use of video archives. Since there a piece of software is intended to work with extremely large amounts of camera data, high risks, and extensive rules in casinos, where incidents may happen, a very complex security software is necessary for integration. WinGuard is the perfect, comprehensive solution according to the company’s architects.

The WinGuard casino solution implements a distributed control. Local control stations are set up in every casino and merged into a central monitoring center. The safety devices in a multi-level system can identify all potential risks at very early stage, so that appropriate action can be taken. The combined control of all systems and data management within the casinos as well as the connection to the control center is therefore established via highly secured networks using TCP/IP.

In principle, the focus on the safety of visitors is the highest priority, which is mainly ensured by the installed security and automation systems. At the same gaming tables and guests are protected by other systems from unpleasant surprises. The interaction of an inconspicuous and complex video system with the technical infrastructure of the gaming tables and POS systems is a crucial factor.

One of the most important foundations for early identification, quick solution and subsequent tracing of events during play within the casino operations is synchronized coordination of all systems. So even complex processes can be discovered at different places and linked. The casino-specific modules and the perfectly integrated interfaces of the management system are designed to solve this task and sort out all the necessary processes. The events are displayed simultaneously in all the casinos as well as in the control center.

The key factor for organizational flexibility and short response time is the mobile messaging function of the system (transmitted via status information, notifications, messages and alarms). Another task that requires close attention is the enormous amounts of data: here some components are setup, including the number of stored video images thanks to the optimized operating and evaluation concepts manageable at all times. Great importance is attached to the personal data of guests. Therefore, all data, including video recordings, tamper-proof and can be used simultaneously as reliable evidence.


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